Maine's Democratic candidate for U.S. Senate Saturday questioned the extent of Sen. Olympia Snowe's involvement in the posting on the internet of directions on how to make a nuclear bomb, as revealed in a New York Times article Friday.

There is no larger issue facing the country than the Iraq War debacle that has dragged on for more than three years. The war has cost the lives of nearly 3,000 U.S. military personnel and caused life-altering injuries to many thousand more. This disastrous path can be changed only by electing new members to Congress. Maine has the chance on Nov. 7 to elect someone who will shift the direction Congress has paved during the past four years. Jean Hay Bright is that candidate.

There is no larger issue facing the country than the Iraq War debacle that has dragged on for more than three years. The war has cost the lives of nearly 3,000 U.S. military personnel and caused life-altering injuries to many thousand more. This disastrous path can be changed only by electing new members to Congress. Maine has the chance on Nov. 7 to elect someone who will shift the direction Congress has paved during the past four years. Jean Hay Bright is that candidate.

BANGOR -- Over the din of the 1,500 raucous anti-war protesters that surrounded her, one had to listen intently to hear Jean Hay Bright's message.

The war in Iraq is all encompassing this election season, as it should be. A war economy leaves everything and everyone behind except for the "Military-Industrial Complex" that President Eisenhower warned us about in 1961.

League's Official Voter Guide: Jean Hay-Bright - D Champions core League issues - universal health care, living wages, pro-choice and progressive taxation! Many claim these issues but Jean actually walks the walk. She gets our country's need for sustainable energy, has solutions for immigration issues, and since she is an organic farmer, she knows what it takes for agriculture to be local and sustainable! Exactly what Maine needs in DC! Vote Jean!

Former Presidential candidate and current progressive Ohio Congressman Dennis Kucinich will be the featured speaker at a campaign rally and fundraiser for Democratic U.S. Senate candidate Jean Hay Bright on Monday, Oct. 9, at South Portland High School, 637 Highland Ave., South Portland.

Democrat Jean Hay Bright Thursday cautioned Maine voters to "listen between the words" in the television ads run by her opponent Olympia Snowe in this year's U.S. Senate race.

Maine's Democratic U.S. Senate candidate Jean Hay Bright said Wednesday that Lincoln Chaffee's win in Tuesday's Rhode Island Republican primary bodes well for her race against Republican incumbent Sen. Olympia Snowe.

"Unlike Snowe, who voted in favor of the war, Lincoln Chaffee voted against the Iraq War resolution in 2002," Hay Bright said. "Chaffee won his primary against a conservative pro-Bush Republican. I intend to win my race against one of the most hawkish pro-Bush Republicans now in Congress."

September 3, 2006 - MainePulse Survey: Snowe at 53%

Results of a MainePulse survey, released Friday, showed Maine's incumbent Republican Senator Olympia Snowe with only 53% of likely voters saying they would vote for her. Snowe's numbers in the latest MainePulse survey were significantly lower than her job approval rating of 72% in a March MainePulse tally, and were also down considerably from three Rasmussen polls taken this summer, in which her likely-vote totals hovered around 66%.

The phone started ringing early this morning (Aug. 9, 2006) with people enthusiastic about what yesterday's Democratic primary vote in Connecticut portends for Maine this fall. The callers agreed with me that as bad as Sen. Lieberman is on his support of this immoral and unjust war, Olympia Snowe is worse - much worse.

Jean Hay Bright, Democratic candidate for U.S. Senate in Maine, has endorsed the Joint Congressional Resolution (H.Con. Res. 450) submitted by Congressman Dennis Kucinich (D-OH) this week, calling for an immediate cease fire of violence in the Middle East and a commitment by the United States to diplomatic, multi-party negotiations with no preconditions.

Maine's Democratic nominee for U.S. Senate has criticized Senator Olympia Snowe for her public support of a flag-desecration amendment to the U.S. Constitution. Another vote on the perennial measure may be held in the Senate this week, and news reports say that the vote will be close.

"Clearly the supporters of this amendment do not agree with the ideas embodied in the First Amendment, in all its ramifications," Jean Hay Bright of Dixmont wrote in her latest campaign update, which went out by email over the weekend.

I became a U.S. Senate candidate a year ago because I was deeply concerned over the direction the Bush administration and the Republicans in Congress were taking my beloved country. The devastating, illegal and immoral Iraq War, the Patriot Act, the Guantanamo Bay detainees held without habeas corpus rights, the lies being fed to the American people, were more than I could bear.

BANGOR - Late returns in the Democratic primary for the U.S. Senate showed Jean Hay Bright of Dixmont edging out her opponent for the party's nomination to challenge Republican Sen. Olympia Snowe in November.

With 99 percent of precincts statewide reporting, Hay Bright led Mehnert with 51 percent of the votes cast. The margin is greater than 1 percent of the total cast, meaning Mehnert would have to pay for a recount if he wants one.

Democratic U.S. Senate Candidate Jean Hay Bright begins a full-time campaign schedule Thursday after a review of the primary election vote showed she has won her party's nomination.

"...Jean Hay Bright, on the other hand, is already well-known among Democrats, and she has a firm grasp of Maine politics and is a strong defender of her party's ideals. ...Jean Hay Bright is a good choice."

"We all know that the Bush administration and the Republicans in Congress are making a mess of this country," Hay Bright, 58, told the crowd that was nodding in agreement. "And those of us who have been paying attention know that Olympia Snowe is complicit in all of it."

Democratic U. S. Senate candidate Jean Hay Bright has received a convention-eve endorsement from Congressman Dennis Kucinich (D-OH). In urging Maine Democrats to support her nomination in the June 13 primary, Kucinich said, "Jean can win in November because Maine is ready to vote for peace and sustainability."

"The so-called 'Marriage Protection Amendment' to the U.S. Constitution is indefensible, and flies in the face of the religious and personal freedoms embodied in that great document," Jean Hay Bright, Democratic candidate for U.S. Senate, said in a statement today.

ImpeachPAC, a federal PAC funding pro-impeachment candidates for Congress, has announced its first endorsement of a candidate for the Senate, Jean Hay Bright of Maine, who is seeking the Democratic nomination to challenge Republican incumbent Olympia Snowe.

"Jean was the one who was creative enough and connected enough," said Sharon Bray, a former Enterprise publisher. "She's one of the most intelligent women I've ever known. I would love to have someone with that kind of brainpower in Washington."

Hay Bright, 58, hopes to convert her contacts from reporting and her familiarity with government into a successful campaign for U.S. Senate.

The Senate's confirmation May 26, 2006, of Gen. Michael Hayden to be the new CIA director is the latest troubling example of a weak and ineffective Senate willing to look the other way in the face of strong evidence of Constitutional wrong-doing by the Bush Administration.

Democratic U.S. Senate candidate Jean Hay Bright Thursday criticized Sen. Olympia Snowe's support of Gen. Michael Hayden's confirmation as the new CIA director, calling it "another example of the Senator Snowe's tendency to say one thing but do another."

Snowe, who is on the Senate Intelligence Committee, voted with her fellow Republicans and several Democrats Wednesday to move Hayden's nomination to the Senate floor for a confirmation vote.

"Sen. Snowe is in step with the President. She would have us believe that securing the borders is the way to fix this problem, when in fact this is a problem of American employers, not of foreign workers." Hay Bright said. "We already have laws on the books making it illegal for American employers to hire undocumented workers. The country simply needs to enforce those existing laws."

Democratic U.S. Senate candidate Jean Hay Bright of Dixmont, Maine, said Monday night she was disappointed President George Bush said little about actually enforcing the laws pertaining to the hiring of undocumented workers.

"The major problem here is one of employers, not of workers," Hay Bright said in response to Bush's address to the nation on the issue of immigration. "We already have laws on the books making it illegal for employers to hire undocumented workers."

Ms. Hay Bright stressed that environmental concerns show how crucial it is to get Democrats back in control of Congress. She felt that in past years there used to be a much smaller divide between the political parties than currently exists, allowing for pro-environmental legislation to be supported by both Democrats and Republicans. She illustrated this dichotomy by contrasting her vocation as an organic farmer to Tom DeLay's former occupation as a pesticide applicator.

"...We feel Jean will best address the Veterans' issues we have expressed throughout our entire campaign both statewide and on a national level," said Bob Mills of Biddeford, chairman of the Veterans Party in Maine. "Our members will work to help send Jean to D.C. We endorse her 100 percent."

March 28, 2006 - Maine Council of Senior Citizens John Marvin Awards

I would like to congratulate this year's recipients of the MCSC John Marvin Awards, which are given annually to Maine citizens who have shown courage, commitment and leadership in working to help Maine Citizens in general and Maine senior citizens in particular. This year's award recipients are Charlene Rydell and Attorney General Steve Rowe. Presentations were made by MCSC President John Carr at the Elks Club in Augusta. The program included an address by Governor John Baldacci. Jean Hay Bright

KITTERY, Maine - A Who's Who of Democratic leaders from Maine as well as York County were in Kittery Sunday night for a house party that was part social gathering, part clarion call to action for November and beyond. Gov. John Baldacci was joined by Maine Speaker of the House John Richardson, D-Brunswick, Attorney General Steven Rowe, Majority Leader Glenn Cummings, D-Portland, U.S. Senate candidate Jean Hay Bright and local legislators and candidates at the Kittery home of Gillian Cart.

Democratic Candidate for U.S. Senate Jean Hay Bright joined about two dozen people a press conference Wednesday outside Eastern Maine Medical Center in Bangor in support of union organizing activities by health care workers in that medical facility.

Jean Hay Bright of Dixmont, writer, political activist, organic farmer, and Democratic candidate for U.S. Senate, submitted 2,760 verified, certified signatures of Maine Democrats to the Secretary of State's office in Augusta today (March 8, 2006), securing her spot on the June 13 primary ballot. Hay Bright's petitions were filed a full week before the state's statutory deadline.

I'm disappointed at Senator Snowe's vote to confirm Judge Samuel Alito Jr. to the Supreme Court. I thought her long-standing support for Roe v. Wade would have compelled her to vote against his nomination, even though that vote would not have made a difference in the outcome. I thought she valued women's rights more than she valued being viewed as a loyal Republican.

With Judge Alito's confirmation, we are now facing the real possibility of Roe being dismantled. But we are also looking at a drastic shift in not only the balance on the Supreme Court, but in the balance of powers among the three branches of government.

FARMINGTON (Maine) -- Democratic U.S. Senate candidate Jean Hay Bright said Sunday that Olympia Snowe's indecision about her vote on the nomination of Judge Samuel Alito Jr. to the Supreme Court has destroyed her long-standing reputation as a pro-choice politician.

"Look at the millions of dollars being spent on ads and organized persuasion, on both sides of the Judge Alito issue, to convince Olympia Snowe to vote one way or the other," Hay Bright, said in remarks to the Franklin County Democratic Committee on the University of Maine Farmington campus. "If Olympia Snowe were adamantly pro-choice, as her reputation claims, she would not be on the fence. Her vote would not be up for grabs, as it apparently is, over the confirmation of a judge who has a written and public record of opposition to Roe v. Wade."

Op-ed/Letter sent to Portland Phoenix
Electoral and activist politics are two sides of the same coin. The Progressive Democrats of America call it an "inside/outside strategy."

The Frequent Visit Program Sara Donnelly has reported on recently - groups repeatedly holding rallies at the offices of Maine's sitting members of Congress - is an "outside" strategy. Working to get like-minded candidates elected so they can actually cast votes you agree with is an "inside" strategy.

AUGUSTA - "It behooves us, in the next election, and in every election, to vote for the America we want to live in," Democratic U.S. Senate Candidate Jean Hay Bright told members of the Maine Democratic Party State Committee in Augusta Sunday.

"U.S. Senators are now examining the life philosophy of a Supreme Court nominee to see if they want our nation to live in his judicial world," Hay Bright, a writer and organic farmer in Dixmont, said. "We need to hold our candidates for public office to the same kind of standard, to compare our own world views with theirs, and vote for the candidates who most closely share our outlook."

Bangor Daily News Op-Ed
Over the last five years of the Bush administration and the Republican control of both houses of Congress, we have been witnessing the disappearance of the America we grew up in. Remember that America? That was an America where we had shared American values, taught to us in our public schools.

PRESQUE ISLE - U.S. Senate candidate Jean Hay Bright Saturday criticized Senator Olympia Snowe for her vote Thursday (Nov. 10, 2005) to deny detainees at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, access to federal courts to challenge their long-term detentions. The Dixmont Democrat noted that the habeas corpus vote is just the latest denial of basic human rights by Maine's incumbent Republican Senator, the Republican-controlled Congress and the Bush administration.

Today's New York Time's editorial talks about Senator Snowe's balancing act, her inability to garner home heating assistance funds for the poor (LIHEAP), her alternate proposal for a tax credit that won't help the poorest stay warm, and her party's insistence on granting more tax cuts to the wealthiest Americans.

Try as she might, Olympia Snowe is not getting the job done. The only way to stop the Republican war on the poor is to stop the Republicans. They must be voted out of office at every opportunity. Only when the Democrats are back in control of Congress will the fiscal and immoral insanity end.

Jean Hay Bright, Democratic candidate for U.S. Senate in Maine in 2006, continued to lambaste the Republican "War on the Poor" this past week, citing the federal minimum wage and the LIHEAP home heating assistance situation as examples.

"If you look at those voting records, it's really scary," Hay Bright said. Snowe recently supported the nomination of Chief Justice John Roberts Jr., who was opposed by national abortion rights groups. Hay Bright said she planned to challenge Snowe on that vote and others that call into question her centrist credentials.

LEWISTON -- Democratic U.S. Senate candidate Jean Hay Bright told students at Bates College Tuesday that with mass marches on Washington now being ignored by Congress and the media, the most important thing they could do to make America better was to vote.

Two of the three Maine chapters of Democracy for America announced this week that their groups had endorsed Jean Hay Bright for U.S. Senate in 2006.

The Democracy for America chapter in Brunswick, headed by Ruth Belchetz of Brunswick, notified the national DFA office Wednesday that a poll of the members had resulted in that group's endorsement of Jean for U.S. Senate in Maine in 2006. The Brunswick group had interviewed Jean for an possible endorsement at its August meeting.

Democratic U.S. Senate candidate Jean Hay Bright said Saturday that after watching the John Roberts nomination hearings she did not think Roberts should be confirmed as Chief Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court.

The first one, a march from the Brunswick village green to the main gate of the Brunswick Naval Air Station in advance of the Blue Angels Air Show, was sponsored by Maine Veterans for Peace and several other peace organizations. About 350 of us stepped off in a line, carrying signs, banners, puppets, and peace signs.

"This amount of money is only a fraction of what is needed and everyone here knows it. Let it go forward quickly with heart-felt thanks to those who are helping to save lives with necessary food, water, shelter, medical care and security. Congress must also demand accountability with the appropriations. Because until there are basic changes in the direction of this government, this tragedy will multiply to apocalyptic proportions."

Capping off a weekend of peace-related activities, Democratic U.S. Senate candidate Jean Hay Bright of Dixmont joined hundreds of other Maine peace activists Sunday at Portland High School for a town hall meeting on the Iraq War hosted by First District Congressman Tom Allen.

July 15, 2005 - Give "Peas" a Chance

FORT FAIRFIELD - Forget the candy. How about passing out fresh Maine organically grown shell peas at Saturday's Potato Blossom Festival parade?

That's what Democratic candidate for U.S. Senate Jean Hay Bright of Dixmont and her volunteers will be doing as they join Democrats from The County and around the state in the parade.

"There is a real effort by the Bush administration in Washington to unravel the social fabric that is critical to the whole functioning of society," Bright says, adding that she is particularly troubled by recent evidence that Bush lied about going to war with Iraq.

"Yes, I'm calling for an investigation that I expect will lead to the impeachment of Bush," she said, adding, "I think that [the Downing Street Memo scandal] is going to be equivalent to Nixon's downfall. And I'm delighted everyone's calling for impeachment."

I am running to end the war in Iraq. It was wrong to invade a sovereign country which had not attacked us and had no means or desire to attack us. And it is wrong to stay there. Our presence there is escalating the violence against our military men and women and against the Iraqi people, violence emanating from an "enemy" that we cannot recognize nor fight. The war has drained our coffers here at home to the point that essential services, including homeland security, are under-funded and are putting our own citizens at great risk. And our status in the world community is in shambles.

Democrat Jean Hay Bright this week became the first in her party to officially launch a campaign for the U.S. Senate seat held by Republican Sen. Olympia Snowe.

The Dixmont political activist said her decision to seek the seat in 2006 came after a tour of the state in which she found voters dissatisfied with the political makeup in Washington.

The Iraq war, civil liberties, national health care and the millions of U.S. jobs lost to foreign trade are the key issues for Democratic candidate for U.S. Senate Jean Hay Bright of Dixmont, Maine.

The Lincoln County Democratic Committee willhold its monthly meeting onTuesday, May 17, at 7 p.m. at the 911 Communications Building in Wiscasset. Jean Hay Bright, a candidate for U.S. Senate, will be the featured speaker.

Bright, 57, of Dixmont is a writer, organic farmer, and long-time political activist in Maine.

BREWER, Maine - Jean Hay Bright, prospective candidate for U.S. Senate in 2006, joined labor activists and Democratic Party officials at the DHL picket lines in Brewer Monday morning (March 21, 2005) in support of 23 new Teamsters Local 340 members who were fired last week by a DHL "independent contractor" after a successful organizing drive. The action took place on Parkway South in Brewer, at the DHL facility across from Brewer High School.

"I believe that the energy is out there, and the time is right, for Maine to make a positive statement of where we want this country to go, and what we want it to look like, by electing a progressive Democrat to one of Maine's two U.S. Senate seats," Hay Bright, 57, wrote on her Web site.