Call for impeachment earns Hay Bright endorsement of national
May 29, 2006
ImpeachPAC, a federal PAC funding pro-impeachment candidates for Congress, has announced its first endorsement of a candidate for the Senate, Jean Hay Bright of Maine, who is seeking the Democratic nomination to challenge Republican incumbent Olympia Snowe.

ImpeachPAC has previously endorsed three candidates for the House of Representatives, Michigan's Tony Trupiano, New York's Chris Owens, and California's Jeeni Criscenzo. ImpeachPAC is contributing $2,100 to Hay Bright's campaign, and will be able to contribute another $2,900 once the PAC has endorsed at least five candidates.

While, as a Senator, Hay Bright will be unable to introduce articles of impeachment, she has forcefully and eloquently called for their introduction in the House and is committed to advancing Senate investigations of the Bush Administrationís crimes, ImpeachPAC's President Bob Fertik said Monday.

Hay Bright said she is honored to accept the groupís endorsement, and is pleased to work with ImpeachPAC as well as other organizations and individuals dedicated to seeing that impeachment investigations are conducted in Congress.

"We have an Administration seizing power it has no right to seize,î Hay Bright said, "openly violating national and international laws and the Constitution, refusing to divulge, even to members of Congress, what it is doing. And we have a complicit Congress sitting there with one eye closed, not doing anything about it.

"I could not believe my ears when I heard that House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi said a few weeks ago that the current impeachment talk is just a ëpointless distractioní and would be ëoff the tableí if the Democrats manage to regain majority status after the November elections.

ìA pointless distraction? Every member of Congress swears an oath to protect the Constitution. The carefully crafted balance of powers in the three branches of government is an essential component of that document. That balance is severely out of whack, and the three branches are not functioning according to their assigned tasks."

Hay Bright has also been endorsed by the Veterans Party in Maine and by two Maine chapters of Democracy for America.

"Her positions across a wide range of issues are exactly what the Democratic Party needs," said ImpeachPAC's Fertik. "She has spoken out strongly for immediate and complete military and corporate withdrawal from Iraq and for supporting the reconstruction of that country. She takes leadership positions on domestic issues, including single-payer health care, workers' rights, and a living wage. But above all she stands bravely for accountability and the rule of law - even for presidents."

Maine's Democratic primary is June 13.

Read Jean Hay Bright's impeachment statement in full.