The League rolls out the 2006 Endorsed Candidates
Members vote for a combination of experience and youth.
October 3, 2006
The League of Young Voters' 2006 Endorsed Candidates were announced today in Portland.

"All the candidates share the common trait of keeping our communities strong with local control. They all will be voting NO on 1" said Justin Alfond, Maine State Director. In addition the candidates are taking leads on issues young people care about like ecological sustainability, affordable and efficient housing, cultivating a creative economy, sustainable transportation options, living wages and universal health care. "Our Endorsed State Candidates are proven leaders that will represent young people well in Augusta." said Alec Maybarduk, the League's Field Director.

League's Official Voter Guide: Jean Hay-Bright - D Champions core League issues - universal health care, living wages, pro-choice and progressive taxation! Many claim these issues but Jean actually walks the walk. She gets our country's need for sustainable energy, has solutions for immigration issues, and since she is an organic farmer, she knows what it takes for agriculture to be local and sustainable! Exactly what Maine needs in DC! Vote Jean!

Endorsed Vote: Yes