My campaign is about ending the war, about getting our troops and our corporations out of Iraq, about ending the tragic loss of life of our young men and women, and about bringing peace, not conflict, to the other parts of the world.

My campaign is about providing all Americans single payer universal healthcare, so that our industries can be competitive, and we can unleash an entrepreneurial spirit in America not seen in generations.

My campaign is about true homeland security; not confiscating penknives and authorizing illegal wiretaps, but about economy, and energy, and environment and education.

It's about building a sustainable economy, restoring our nation's manufacturing capacity to its former luster, recognizing the skill of American workers, and providing them with a safe workplace, where they earn a fair day's pay for a fair day's work. It's about a real commitment to renewable energy, based on conservation, solar, wind, hydro, and other technologies, so we can develop a foreign policy based on peace, not exploitation.

It's about providing everyone with the opportunity for ample education. Not teaching to the test, but teaching how to think, and reason. To expand the minds and opportunities of our youth, and make a commitment to learning and education as a life-long pursuit.

And my campaign is about the environment, understanding it and protecting it, about being good stewards, and about leaving this earth a better place than we found it, so that those who follow us will be healthy and productive.

Most importantly, my campaign is about values, and about giving all of you the confidence you need to make the best choices for the days ahead.