October 28, 2006

  1. Time is Short! Help Get More Ads on TV!
  2. One endorsement in the hat, Two that should be
  3. Debates rebroadcast
  4. Help the Campaign, Reach Out NOW!

1. Time is Short! Help Get More Ads on TV! Send Money!
The ads are running, on both TV and radio! But we only have TEN more days to work with. We need to buy more time slots for these ads to be seen by more people, for maximum effect.
Please help out NOW. Please dig deeper if you can. Time is of the essence.
Contribute what you can on-line at: contribute. Or send a check made out to Jean Hay Bright U.S. Senate, to our campaign office:
Jean Hay Bright U.S. Senate, 4262 Kennebec Rd., Dixmont, ME 04932
And thanks.
Press Release: October 26, 2006
Hay Bright campaign starts TV ads

Television ads for Jean Hay Bright's U.S. Senate campaign started running today (Thursday) in Maine. The Democrat's radio ads have been on the air for more than a week in southern Maine.

According to Hay Bright's campaign manager David Bright, six different television ads began airing on WCSH6-TV in Portland and on WLBZ2-TV in Bangor, as well as CNN, Comedy Central (the Daily Show and the Colbert Report), Food TV, and Lifetime Television running on TimeWarner Cable in Portland, Bangor and Presque Isle. Bright said ads are also planned for WABI-TV in Bangor and WGME-TV in Portland, as well as other stations as funding allows.

All but one of the television ads were produced by KaneLewis Productions of Sedgwick. The exception is a hard-hitting Iraq War ad, which was produced in conjunction with the Team Peace, a coalition of Hay Bright and 44 Congressional candidates around the country who are running on a pro-peace platform. The KaneLewis ads have Hay Bright talking directly to voters, and deal with the issues of national single-payer health care, prescription drugs, women's rights, a sustainable energy policy through renewable resources, and Olympia Snowe's lack of support for veterans.

Five different radio ads have been running on Air America 870 in Portland, and on the WBACH stations in York County. In the radio ads, Hay Bright talks about her positions on veterans issues, Medicare Part D, a woman's right to choose, a sustainable energy policy through renewable resources, and Snowe's "election year conversion" on the issue of Iraq.

The voice of the disclaimer in the radio ads is Robert Skoglund, known to MPBN audiences as The humble Farmer. Skoglund has hosted two fund-raisers for Hay Bright in recent weeks, one in which former Presidential candidate and current Ohio Congressman Dennis Kucinich was the featured speaker.

Links to all the radio and television ads, as well as scripts of the radio ads, are posted on the candidate's web site: http:/www.jeanha/ybright.us/radioads.html

2. Endorsement Situation

The good news

October 20, 2006
Rockland Courier-Gazette endorses Jean Hay Bright

There is no larger issue facing the country than the Iraq War debacle that has dragged on for more than three years. The war has cost the lives of nearly 3,000 U.S. military personnel and caused life-altering injuries to many thousand more. This disastrous path can be changed only by electing new members to Congress. Maine has the chance on Nov. 7 to elect someone who will shift the direction Congress has paved during the past four years. Jean Hay Bright is that candidate.

The not-so-good news

October 28, 2006
What is going on here?

This week, both the Bangor Daily News and the Brunswick Times Record praised me profusely, criticized Snowe for her stances on basic issues like the Iraq War and protecting the Constitution -- and then both papers proceeded to endorse Snowe for reelection.

I've written op-ed rebuttals to the BDN and the Times-Record. You can read them here (on our web page), I hope you will be able to read them in those papers in the next few days.
“Troubling concessions,” troubling endorsement
...But most disconcerting in this endorsement is the BDN’s dismissal as just “troubling concessions” Snowe’s willingness “to suspend habeas corpus rights for some detainees in the war on terrorism and to allow the president to define acceptable treatment.” Those “concessions” are not minor issues. They speak to the very fabric of our nation.

How’s That Again?
...If you saw that a newspaper who looked at Snowe's support of President Bush, and saw that Snowe "has enabled his agenda in ways that are detrimental to a free people. When defending the U.S. Constitution, moderation can become capitulation," you would think that that newspaper might see Snowe's return to office as a threat to free people and the Constitution. Wrong again

3. Debates are Over! But You Can See Them Again!
The Maine Public Television U.S. Senate candidate debate, held October 25, 2006 (Wednesday), is being rebroadcast on Maine Public Broadcasting,
Sunday October 29, at 7 p.m.
Sunday November 5, at 3 p.m.

The Channel 2 & 6 Senate Debate (WLBZ-TV & WCSH-TV) broadcast live on October 26, 2006 (Thursday) will not be rebroadcast on those stations (as far as we know).
HOWEVER, C-Span has asked us for copies of our TV ads, and they have told us they will be showing our ads, along with the WLBZ and WCSH debate, on its regular programming. Stay Tuned!

4. Help the Campaign, Reach Out NOW!

  1. Talk to your Friends
    Talk to your neighbors and friends about Jean and her positions on the important issues of today. Call them up. Get them involved. In this grassroots campaign, that's what's working.

  2. Name ID and YOU.
    Lawn signs and bumper stickers let people know I'm running. Display them proudly. If you want a lawn sign, palm cards, literature, or bumper stickers, you can get them at your local county Democrat Party headquarters; or email us at manager@JeanHayBright.US and we will get them to you.
    And keep checking on those lawn signs. We've had reports of signs for all Democratic candidates (and only the Democratic candidates) are disappearing all over the state. It is against the law to remove a legally-placed lawn sign (potential $250 fine), so if you see someone doing it, let us or the Democratic Party know ASAP. (And this monsoon this weekend isn't helping any.)

  3. Get out the Vote
    If you'd like to help turn out Jean’s supporters on Nov. 7, you can contact your local Democrat Party headquarters. Volunteer to do phone calls, absentee ballots or drive folks to the polls on Election Day. Or contact us at manager@JeanHayBright.US and we will connect you with a GOTV effort in you area.