MPBN Closing Statement
October 25, 2006
I've been running for U.S. Senate since the spring of 2005.
It's been a long, but invigorating year and a half.

People are involved.
They want us out of Iraq.
They want national single payer health care.
They want a national goal of energy self-sufficiency
through renewable resources.

They worry about choice for women.
They want a minimum wage that is a living wage,
Social Security stabilized,
fair taxation, accountability,
fiscal responsibility.
all issues and concerns I share.

Now that Olympia Snowe and her peers
have had an election year conversion,
have hope we may be seeing
an end to this foreign policy nightmare in Iraq.

But even after the Iraq war ends,
we are left with the Constitutional crisis
created last month with the passage
of the Military Commission Act
and the warrant-less wiretapping bill,
both with Olympia Snowe's full support.

Under this new law, the President of the United States
can declare "any person" to be an enemy combatant,
habeas corpus rights can be denied,
torture is left to be defined,
by a President who has no regard for the sanctity of human life,
unless it can fit inside a Petri dish in a clinic.

People tell me they are now more afraid of their own government
than they are of any terrorist.

That's where we are now,
and it will get worse if Olympia Snowe is re-elected.

So how Maine votes on Nov. 7 WILL make a difference in what happens next in this country.

We are living in very serious times.
Please help me turn this country around,
by sending me to the U.S. Senate on Nov. 7.
Thank you.