DFA Bangor chapter endorses Jean Hay Bright
September 8, 2006
BANGOR (Sep 8): The Democracy for America (DFA) chapter in Bangor representing hundreds of DFA members throughout Northern Maine endorses Jean Hay Bright for the United States Senate. DFA/Bangor unanimously voted Wednesday night, September 6th, to endorse Jean for U.S. Senate.

Jean is a friend to Mainers; she listens to everyone and makes her own decisions. Jean has a long and documented history of standing up for Mainers and fighting for a better Maine. Jean stands for Peace and Justice, Jobs and Healthcare, Education, Environment, and Energy Independence.

Jean will win her Senate seat. She will work tirelessly to correct the problems her ineffective, weakened, and missing opponent has created and perpetuated. Jean will bring Peace calling on the President to bring our troops home. She will return fiscal responsibility to the cut and spend ways of the Republican leadership. She will return social responsibility to the national agenda.

(Note: DFA Bangor endorsed Jean last fall, before the Democratic primary. This new endorsement is post-primary.)