The true meaning of Mother's Day
May 14, 2006
In 1870 Julia Ward Howe, who had written the Battle Hymn of the Republic, was so saddened by the deaths and injuries being caused by the Civil War that she decided to rally mothers on both sides of the conflict to stop the war and bring peace to the nation. She wrote her Mothers Day Proclamation, which resulted in many cities celebrating the Mother's Day of Peace.

Over the years - as is the case with some holidays - the original intent has been forgotten and the day has become more of a commercial event. But this year, those groups working for a cabinet level Department of Peace seized on the original meaning of the day. On the Friday before Mothers Day, DOP groups all across the nation met with members of Congress to lobby for a Department of Peace, to be funded at a rate equivalent to 2 percent of the current Pentagon budget.

I thank the supporters of the Department of Peace for their vision and their work. I strongly support the proposal for a cabinet level Department of Peace, and urge you to do likewise.